View from our kitchen terrace

…when we got to Panokosmos, quite frankly we thought we had died and gone to heaven. Yes, this is pure Nirvana” – Rosie & Nicholas 2017

What a week we had! Luxury and relaxation that was beyond our imagination.” – Nicola & Rikki 2017

Morning sunlight on the pool, with the White Mountains in view

I shall definitely be back again before too long, to savour this unique blend of wonderful hospitality in a beautifully appointed property, set in a stunning and tranquil landscape.” – Joanna 2017

Settle into the retro deckchairs to take in the view

“Staying in this mountain retreat was one of the best holiday moments we have had. Breathtaking views, being well looked after, wonderful food and home made rolls!”  Barbara & Mirek 2016

“… It really is medicine for the soul.” – Ruth & Mark 2018

Panokosmos, crouching under the mountains

Panokosmos offered exactly the peace and quiet we were after as well as a real taste of authentic Crete.  ,,, Highly recommend to foodies and anyone looking for a luxury rural retreat far from the madding crowds.” – Simone & Veerle 2018

Daily fruit platter at breakfast

“I have had the opportunity to travel much of the world, and have yet to discover a more perfect location to relax and rejuvenate, hosted by some of the most wonderful people I have had the opportunity to meet in my journeys.”  – Jon and Amber 2018

Still smiling after all these years…

“Yasmin’s and John’s home away from home for us has been absolutely magical. If we could have dreamt up paradise, an oasis to go to, we would  probably have failed compared to what Panokosmos has given us – “Heaven on Crete” Zeljka & Bill 2018

Atmosphere at Panokosmos

“We however, didn’t want to leave and spent virtually the whole time on site soaking in the atmosphere exploring the garden and swimming in the pool.”Ray and Annie 2017

All you need to relax and chill out

“The gardens and pool are a delight and it would be easy just to stay within the property and not leave until its time to catch your return flight home.”Martin & Rosie 2017

The Secret Corner – one of the places you will have breakfast

“…but even better, John and Yasmin enabled the stress of the world to fall from our shoulders over this week as they shared this magical place with us.”Brenda & John 2019

John and Yasmin

But what was really amazing was how kind and caring John and Yasmin are. They provided us with places to visit, routes to take off the tourist tract…

Our five villages walk guide

…amazing food, good conversation and a wonderful place to rest and recover… they were present but not intrusive and made our stay perfect.” Dari & Jim 2017

Sharing our dream

“The service provided by John & Jasmin is from their hearts, personal but respectful of privacy, friendly and helpful.” Dari & Jim 2017

Breakfast on the way…

“John and Yasmin could not have done more to help us make the most of our time there “- Nicola & Toby 2018

“John and Yasmin are joyful people who are attentive, interested and full of fun yet also leave you to your own peace and quiet – I felt the balance was just right. “Ruth & Mark 2018

Honeymoon couple

“John and Yasmin are a wonderful fun-loving couple whose passion for cooking (virtually everything is home-made) and making guests feel welcome shines through in every way”Simone & Veerle 2018

Serious stuff!
Waffles with fresh fruit, whipped yoghurt and Creme de Mure berry sauce

“…but the added benefit of being able to stay and enjoy the fantastic company of two such wonderful hosts will make this a place I will always long to return to.” Jon & Amber 2018

Just like family!

“John and Yasmin each bring a unique and special personality which results in an amazing stay. You feel like you’re staying with family.”Paul 2018


“This is the perfect base to either explore the west of the island or to just to relax and recharge the batteries.”Nicola & Rikki 2017

The property may appear remote but is only 30 minutes from Chania and although the road is small its well maintained with virtually no traffic.” Martin & Rosie 2017

Roads around Panokosmos

“…Panokosmos which is not far from the great archeological site Aptera and city Chania.”  Urban 2018

4000 years of history at Aptera

“The seaside is only half an hour away, a drive through olive groves, orange orchards, (and many goats & sheep).”Zeljka & Bill 2018

In the shade of a tamarisk tree


The views from the bed are fantastic  and it’s a must to sleep with the curtains and concertina window open and watch the stars and moon from your bed!” – Lisa & Eric 2017

Milky Way from our garden

The views of the mountains and gorges and the sea are spectacular.”  Zeljka & Bill 2018

Aegean Sea from the Rooftop apartment terrace

Breakfast & Meals

Many of these comments apply to our bed and breakfast guests. Our normal offering is now self catering, but our wonderful breakfasts can be ordered with one day’s notice.

“I thought the first day’s breakfast was probably the best Ive ever had – an inspiration and a reminder of just where you were – if you are after bacon, sausage, egg and chips – forget it!”Rosie & Nicholas 2017

Cretan Impressions

Breakfast is a wonderful surprise each day, never knowing what will appear before you – however ensured that ingredients were fresh and tasty! On request, they also cook you dinner, again let yourself be surprised by what is served, we guarantee that it will be delicious.”Lisa & Eric 2017

Yasmin’s breakfast trifle – layers of home made granola, fresh fruit, and yoghurt,
topped with fresh coconut shavings

“… it was great fun trying to guess where their splendid breakfast would be served next morning.”Martin & Rosie 2017

Panokosmos fruit platters

“The food was divine – each meal and each breakfast different – served in a different beautiful corner of their stunning garden with mountain views that are breathtaking. Homemade bread, rolls, jams, marmalades”Ruth & Mark 2018

What you get

Our apartment was superb with great space, every amenity you could need to make a meal or relax or have a swim in the pool or watch the sun rise over Souda Bay or fall in the dusk over the mountains.”Brenda & John 2019

Sunrise from your bed in the Rooftop Apartment

“The pool and the gardens were all ours and provided the perfect setting to relax and wind down, watching the swallows darting through the trees or listening to the sound of sheep and goats in the surrounding hills.”  David & Petra 2018

12m pool all to yourselves

“…Rooftop Apartment which was very spacious, had all amenities you can think of, was spotlessly clean, and had fantastic panoramic views with multiple corners/balconies from which to enjoy our daily cocktails.”Simone & Veerle 2018

White Mountains from the Apartment

Attention to Detail

“The roof top apartment is superb there is simply nothing missing and if there was John and Yasmin would find it for you.” – Janet & Jim 2017

Living Room of the Apartment

“…the whole place is tasteful, spotless, fun and easy – anything you think you want is there!”  Ruth & Mark 2018


Things to do

“Our main reason for visiting Crete at that time of year was to enjoy the flowers and do some birdwatching which we did” – Janet & Jim 2018

“We walked locally – just the scent of wild thyme and the tinkling of goat bells”Ruth & Mark 2018

In the hills above Panokosmos

…every morning after breakfast John and Yasmin would ask us about our plans for the day and then provide us with maps, guides and tips about where to visit, where to eat or where to find that perfect secluded beach. – David & Petra 2018

Special beaches

If you are looking for a secluded, beautiful location within a short drive of historical sites, beaches, or hiking trails, this will far exceed your expectations.” – Jon & Amber 2018

Walks in the White Mountains within 10 mins of Panokosmos

And a Bit from Us!

Panokosmos – “on top of the world” in Greek – is the realization of our dream.  We’ve always wanted to share the wonders of this place – the spectacular views, the clear mountain air, the crystal clear pool, the plants in our gardens which thrive in the wonderful Mediterranean climate.  Along with that we want to make your stay as enjoyable and memorable as we can.

Ready for you to chill out

Choose between our two room Penthouse apartment with kitchenette or the elegant bedroom suite with luxurious ensuite bathroom.  You will be our sole guests, as we only book one party at a time.

The view from your bed in the Bedroom suite

We delight in surprises, and you will never know what you are going to get, be it a breakfast, mezzes or a three course dinner.  That’s why we are very careful to find our before you arrive any dietary restrictions, preferences, and what you do and don’t like.   Then we serve it in different locations around our grounds, so that you never know what views are going to be in front of you nor the atmosphere and “feel” of the space.

Set for a simple evening meal

Every meal we make is prepared especially for you, you will be the only guests, and you will be able to fully savour all the peace and tranquillity of Panokosmos without any distraction.  We fuse the local ideas with our own cuisine, drawing from ideas and recipes we have seen, tried and loved.  Linger over your meals, savour all the tastes and flavours, enjoy the surroundings.  There is no pressure and you can take your time.   At other times you can experience local cooking, we recommend those special places where it is prepared and cooked with particular care and love. 

Marinaded Mediterranean vegetables

We go to great lengths to showcase Cretan wines to our guests.  Every year in the Spring we spend two days at the wine fair in Chania, where the 33 wineries in Crete exhibit their wines.  We recommend wines to accompany our meals, but are wine list offers you details to make your own choices.  We love our cocktails and offer a nightly special which we serve in all sorts of locations! 

Choosing wines at the Chania wine fair

We hope this has shown you some of the magic of Panokosmos and aroused your interest.  Please take a look at our website, and get in touch with us to help develop your holiday plans.

And settling down to savour them!

Lots more to see and do…

In any case for your holiday in Crete you might like to look at our blogs which show things to do in Crete, whether it be walking a gorge, hiking in the foothills of the White Mountains, or taking a drive to see the sitesChania is a great town to visit, particularly to go to the street markets, and of course you’ll want to get the benefits of the Cretan diet – be it the yoghurt and cheese, or the olive oil.