Well, it started out as ten pictures of Crete, but I couldn’t choose between them…!


Let’s start in Chania.  Nothing like a sunny afternoon relaxing in one of the tavernas.  Here we are amongst the blue chairs of the Amphora taverna, on the old harbour front.

Or the mountains or beaches

Or conversely, on the top of Pachnes, surveying the Madares – the high desert amongst the Lefka Ori.  Truly memorable to experience the alien moonscape. Here’s how to get there.

Can’t miss the beaches!  There’s the wonderfully sheltered cove of Seitan Limania on the Akrotiri peninsula with that impossibly blue water.

Or have the beach completely to yourself – here at Frangokastelo (admittedly very early one late summer morning!)

Picnicking in the shade of a tamarisk, on the Kissamos beach, complete with Lyra beer, brewed in the town.

Gorges are a must do

Walking a gorge is not to be missed, and it needs a suitable reward at the end.  The Aradhena gorge opens out onto Marmara beach, where there’s a lovely taverna up in the rocks after you’ve cooled off with a swim. Choose between our favorites.

Georgioupolis can get crowded in the summer, but you can still get some solitude to see the full moon rising over the white chapel.

Far above it, the chapel of Profitis Ilias is a fair slog in a four wheel drive, or an even bigger effort on foot.  But here’s another of our pictures of Crete – the views are fabulous and the atmosphere special.

Talking of views, there’s a great place to see Chania, near to the Venizelos tombs, where you can also get a lovely chilled wine to savour whilst you watch the sun set – Koukouvaya is the place

Go to the South

Now we’ll move on to the south of the island. But there’s a gate keeper on the road!  Fearless, curious and strong willed.

That road is the easy way to drive.  For more of an adventure, try the route via Kalikratis to Patsianos. Give the driver’s arms some exercise anyway!

When you’re down there, visit Aradhena on the Anopolis Plateau. The ruins in Crete are often full of character and speak to the past. Sometimes with sadness, as here at the deserted Aradhena village in Sfakia.

Dilapidated buildings have a special feel, here I think in Margarites village.

Further along the south coast is Preveli monastery, in a particularly spectacular location.  There’s a very moving atmosphere here, and you can see the record of the recent history of bravery of the monks during the Second World War.

Kalyves and the White Mountains

The White Mountains are named for the brightness of the limestone peaks in the glare of the summer sun, but they are at their whitest in the midst of winter. Its an essential in any group of pictures of Crete.

Kalyves has some interesting sites – Koumos is the life work of a local man and a quite amazing array of stone decorations.  Not bad taverna either.

The beach is long and sandy, rarely crowded.  Though the shade of the tamarisks is always fills up first.

Back in Chania, the Leather street doesn’t have many shops actually making and selling Cretan leather – this is one of the last two to survive here.

If you want a change from the centre, walk around from the harbour into Nea Chora, where there is a charming little harbour, beach and a taverna on the quai.

And after all that travelling, you deserve a beer!  Yamas! If Mythos is not your scene find out more about Greek beers here!

For your next holiday in Crete

Whether or not you are able to come this year, if you do think of a holiday in Crete do take a look at our blogs. These show things to do in Crete, whether it be walking a gorge, hiking in the foothills of the White Mountains, or taking a drive to see the sites.  Chania is a great town to visit, particularly to go to the street markets, and of course you’ll want to get the benefits of the Cretan diet – be it the yoghurt and cheese, or the olive oil.


And for the very best experience, come stay with us at Panokosmos!