“Fresh juice from unbelievably sweet Cretan oranges” – Irina

“…all delicious and Michelin Star quality” – Ian

“This must be the most romantic place in the world” – Kevin

“Home made rolls fresh baked every morning” – Irina

Eating & Drinking at Panokosmos

Too late!  Panokosmos is closed!  But this is what you could get…

Experience the tastes and textures of Crete when you take our meals and drinks at Panokosmos.  There are such fresh local fruit and vegetables, bursting with flavour. We seek to combine international standards with local flavour to make eating and drinking a memorable part of your holiday experience.We serve meals and drinks outside on the swimming pool patio or in our fountain square.  As a special occasion, eat down in the garden, surrounded by pink and white oleander, sweet smelling jasmine and exotic yuccas.  

Order all our meals at least one day in advance, so that we can source and prepare these special treats.  Cocktails and wines on the day, provided we are in.


Our breakfasts are very special, home made and with local ingredients. Our rolls are fresh baked daily, all our coffee is hand crafted ground from fresh beans and we prepare fresh orange juice. Our homemade pancakes with maple syrup, are favorites with both children and adults! Order them one day in advance.


Try a pina colada, rusty nail or daiquiri – and we offer a number of our own specials, based around tsikoudia, the local spirit. Or get into retsina – we can take you thru a tasting of a range of brands, from silky smooth to bold and aromatic.  We offer two or three each day on our blackboard.


At a cooler hour in the evening, after the sun sets, and the lights begin to twinkle in the valley below, we serve mezes. There may be antipasti, dips with crudités, bruschetta, tapas, and a glass of wine. We enjoy our food, and we want you to enjoy it too!


We can offer you a wide range of evening meals, from a simple supper to a 5 course dinner. These we cook in a way that fuses local recipes with a modern approach to bring out the best of the local ingredients from sources that we know. We keep a range of the best Cretan wines which we serve with the meal.