There’s been a bit of a gap in the blogging, not for want of things to say, just time to say them!  We’ve been back to Northern Europe for a month – lots of snow in Hamburg, and very cold.  Here we’ve had some dramatic weather – 140km/h wind gusts recorded, but we are still here!  Now wind back to late February.  They call it Kokkino Vrechi – “red rain”.  It comes from the Sahara on a hot South wind, strong enough last year to strip off a gutter and 15 tiles!

On the night of 21st Feb, we just such an experience.  Luckily this time, no house damage, but plenty out in the garden.  We lost a large pithoi out on the swimming pool terrace, despite several attempts by John to wire it up (again) to the railings.

Our terrace chairs had been fighting up on the East balcony.

The cypresses look like they’ve had one too many raki.

The car had been neatly camouflaged out on the parking area. 

There’s plenty of window cleaning to be done,

Oh, and whoops!  The concrete mixer has been blown over.

Yes – blown over!