From pool terrace

A lot has happened in the two and a half years since the Red Rain!  We’ve established our holiday business here in Crete and seen around forty parties of guests.  They’ve come from all over the world – from New Zealand to Canada, Spain to Romania.

We’ve entertained Americans, Scots, Dutch, Germans, Austrians, as well as a fair number from that country which is still, Brexit notwithstanding, in the EU!

We’ve had folk so young we couldn’t arrange hire cars for them, to those in their ninth decade – and those latter were some of the most adventurous and full of curiosity!

This year we served over 180 breakfasts in six different locations around the garden and 25 three course evening meals, each with an individual personalised menu!

We’ve established a great selection of Greek wines, mostly Cretan, for example Dourakis lovely fruity Chardonnay (at the moment a one off, Impromptu, but we hope it will become a regular).  We can see the vinery just across the Apokoronas from our terraces!

Douloufakis in Heraklion, makes a Sauvignon Blanc, great with our stuffed dorade or sea bass fillets with mushrooms and salsa.  We are also finding good wines made from some of the local grape varieties – Kotsifali, and Agioritiko.

Yasmin has been rediscovering her German heritage, honing her cake making skills.  Guests have had poppy seed cheesecake, Panokosmos applecake with home made custard.  And how’d you fancy frangipane fig tart, drizzled with orange blossom honey, served with Greek yoghurt & whipped cream?

We’ve found some great beers from microbreweries on the islands like Septem with a beer for each day of the week – the 8th is a particular gem!  And what better than Campari and fresh squeezed orange out on the pool terrace as the sun goes down?  Want a touch of England in the summer, then our Pimms comes with a menagerie of fruit, and mint to tickly your nose, picked straight from the garden!

Since the Red Rain days we’ve set up a new website, ably created by a young Texan web designer, who came to stay with us back in May 2014.  We’ve been mostly talking on Facebook, with a smattering on Twitter, but now we feel we have enough to say to take up blogging again.

So here goes – watch this space!