Casa Cook under wraps
Under wraps…

There’s a new hotel opening just outside Chania the Casa Cook

We were staying last week at an old family run hotel on the hill above, overlooking the new site where 102 (or 106 depending on which part of their website you look at!) rooms are scheduled to open by the end of May.  They’d certainly got a lot to do by then!

The new hotel

Still pouring concrete at Casa Cook a few days before opening
Still pouring concrete for the paths
Plants arriving at Casa Cook
Plants arriving

We have mixed feelings about the “our modernist village is the perfect hideaway to rest and reinvigorate.”  Is it a “series of soulful spaces merge minimalist mid-century modernism with thoughtful design” or on the other hand is it reminiscent of a prison?

View of the site, see the big generator in the foreground - still going when they opened
View from above the site

Its camouflage colours and single story separate 2 room buildings spread over the gently sloping hillside certainly make for a low and unassuming profile along the coast.   Its hardly visible from further afield but will the impact of the 200 odd holiday makers on Chryssi Akti/Golden Beach make it impossibly crowded?

Restaurant and Beach Bar nearby

As far as we can judge it will NOT be all inclusive, the standard offer is bed and breakfast or half board, so the local community – there is a great restaurant, Theodosi, at the top of the hill just above the hotel – should benefit. 

Scrumptious pork fillets at Theodosi Restaurant
Pork Fillets at Theodosi Restaurant
View from Theodosi Restaurant to the sea
View out to sea from Theodosi

The beach bar Aptera, is just next door, a very relaxed friendly place to chill out right on the beach, owned and run by Sifis – particularly because they sell Lafkas White Mountain Beer, a true microbrewery (forget Charma) based in Chania and run by a young Belgian/Greek couple.

Chilling out at the Aptera Beach Resort near the Casa Cook hotel
Aptera Beach Resort
Lafkas White Mountains ale at Aptera Beach
Lafkas White Mountains Ale – a great beer!

Casa Cook website images are not the Chania hotel!

One thing is for sure, the pictures supposedly of Casa Cook Chania, are not!  The website says “Coming Soon” but the pictures must be from another CC site, or artists impressions.  Check out our comparisons – our photos were taken 17 May 2019, and the website captured pictures from the same date.

However, since then Casa Cook have asked us to remove their images! They say that guests must know what the hotel looks like, even tho the pictures they show are NOT of this hotel!

This was an image of the Casa Cook hotel - but not the one it claimed to be!
Apparently they don’t want you to see… Try going to their website
Men still working at the pool of the new hotel
What it looked like on 17 May
This was an image of the Casa Cook hotel - but not the one it claimed to be!
Apparently Casa Cook don’t want you to see… Try going to their website
And men working on the roofs of the rooms too
View from above the site
This was an image of the Casa Cook hotel - but not the one it claimed to be!
Apparently they don’t want you to see… Try going to their website

Not environmentally friendly?

Inside the rooms it is superficially swish, but completely unconnected with Crete – more African or Philippines by the style and materials of the furniture.  There seemed to be nothing to link with Crete. 

Not much sign of Cretan influence inside the hotel rooms

Stylish perhaps, but where are we…?

Casa Cook rooms have a lovely view of the sea, but with an equal proportion of the roofs of the other rooms.  And where is the environmental focus – as far as we could see, despite the acres of flat roofs, no solar panels either for heating water or for electricity.

Roofs and more roofs with a bit of a sea view
View from your window
Gardens of the hotel - lots of growing still to go on...
Your garden will need time to grow!

And the pricing…!

Then there’s the pricing – we still find it difficult to imagine the sort of family who can shell out 300-600 euro per night for their “place to spend day after day in the sun, like one drawn-out Sunday, reveling [sic] in life’s simplicities.” …perhapswhilst worrying about how to pay next month’s mortgage” should be added!

Casa cook from the sea side
View from the sea side

Update 24 May – two days before opening

Update 24 May, just two days before the Casa Cook opening. Its certainly a massive exercise and the folk managing it seem surprisingly calm, if completely exhausted!

Huddles of worker trying to finish the work
“Is this where the pool should go…?!!”

So what do you think? Let us know on And if you want an alternative day after day in the sun, like one drawn out Sunday, you could take a look at Panokosmos!

Lots more to see and do…

In any case for your holiday in Crete you might like to look at our blogs which show things to do in Crete, whether it be walking a gorge, hiking in the foothills of the White Mountains, or taking a drive to see the sitesChania is a great town to visit, particularly to go to the street markets, and of course you’ll want to get the benefits of the Cretan diet – be it the yoghurt and cheese, or the olive oil.