This is from the 2020 wine fair in Platanias, near Chania.  Wines of Crete organise this event every year and its a great experience. Its a great place to try out Cretan wines.

At last, a good Cretan sparkling wine!

Douloufakis Champagne

First of all, at last a really good Cretan dry sparkling wine.  This is from Douloufakis, a winery south of Iraklion, and the current offering is vintage 2016.  Its made by the traditional champagne process, with second fermentation in the bottle in 2017. Its matured in the bottle and was released last year.  It’s a difficult process to get right, but Nikos Douloufakis has done it!

Nikos Douloufakis – proud of his champagne!

Best red wines in Crete?!

We continue to be impressed by the quality of the red wines from Daskalakis. 

Mother and daughter are key figures here, creating the most splendid Cretan wines, with vintages going back to 2012. 

Beautiful labels in the Daskalakis range

There is the magnificent Enstikto (means “instinct”). Its a deep red wine, with heady aromas, a blend of the local Kotsifali with the noble Syrah.  This is so deep, full of dark plummy fruit, with a peppery aftertaste that seems to last for ever!

Its hard work, really!

More young talent in the Wines Business

A new find is the Klados winery near Rethymno.  This family run winery was started by Manolis, an oeneologist, in 1997. 10 years later they were able to upgrade to modern wine making technology. 

Stelios of Klados Winery, with the Great Hawk!

As Stelios, son of the owner, says, they specialise in the famous Rethymnian Vidiano grape variety. Their “Great Hawk” is a blend of Vidiano and the perfumed floral Muscat grape.  With these two grapes they have produced a beautiful citrus nosed fresh and fruity wine with good body.

A lovely new winery to visit in the Rethymnon area

Another winery which makes a great day trip from the villa is Kourkoulou Winery, a new winery started by brother and sister. Meanwhile the vines are looked after by their father. 

New kids on the block: Kourkoulou Winery

This is within easy driving distance of Panokosmos.  Including a visit to this winery…

Set in beautiful surroundings, close to the Patsos Gorge

…there is a lovely day drive to the Amari valley taking in the Potamos dam and Taverna Aravanes in Thronos. 

With only 30 minutes on the red grape skins, they’ve produced a delightful delicate orange-pink rosé.  This makes a light and refreshing drink on warm summer evenings.

30 mins or 8h on the skins to make the two types of pink!

Their Liatiko will make an easy drinking reds. For red wine lovers its sometimes difficult to find wines which fit with the hot summer days of the Mediterranean.  But with this Liatiko, or perhaps the vintage but still light Kotsifali/Liatiko blend from Daskalakis, satisfy this need.

Perfect cellar conditions at the Villa

Being partly underground the basement temperature varies little throughout the year. This makes it an ideal place to store your Cretan wines!

An example of what could be your wine cellar!

Around the villa are so many places to enjoy a chilled glass of Cretan wine – here on the kitchen terrace.

Waiting for you: your place on the terrace

More about living in Crete

More about living in Crete

There is much more in our blogs. These show things to do in Crete, whether it be walking a gorge, hiking in the foothills of the White Mountains, or taking a drive to see the sites.  Chania is a great town to visit, particularly to go to the street markets, and of course you’ll want to get the benefits of the Cretan diet – be it the yoghurt and cheese, or the olive oil.

This Dream Villa And if you would like to live in a place where you can see these, here is just the place. This is a dream villa which we designed and built 10 years ago and now reluctantly are ready to sell and move on. Its in the Apokoronas, in the west of the island, 35min drive from Chania, 50min from the international airport. 

Villa from the south with Souda Bay and the Akrotiri peninsula just visible in the background

in Chania,